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LinkedIn Spam Messages on the increase

LinkedIn Spam Messages on the increase
LinkedIn Spam messages

“XXXXXX Has shared a Document with you”

I have noticed over the last week, I’ve had an increase in SPAM messages on LinkedIn, seemingly from my Connections, asking me to download a Shared Document.

As you can see on the right here, in  most cases it is made to look as if the Connection has send you a Shared Document in the form of an online Business Card, but whY-us? are aware that this is a Spam message that can access your LinkedIn details and automatically send a similar message onto your Connections.

Our advise is to delete this message right away from the preview screen shown here and not open it.
If you are unsure, start a new email thread and send to your contact (that your message came from) via LinkedIn, asking if they have purposfully sent this to you. Don’t open the email and reply with history. Even though you have not clicked the link there is no point opening the email and increasding risk. Delete it straight away.

How can you tell? Basically because you will notice the same text is used each time. It would be rare to get a message from 2 people that use the same text!

LinkedIn Invitation

Avoid using the Default text – Personalise it!

This leads us on to another LinkedIn TIP…
If you are looking to Connect or interact with contacts we always suggest you use your own text in the message to make it more personal.

I am always getting LinkedIn Connection Requests from people that just use the standard default text given by LinkedIn. You know the one that says “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – Richard” (see left).

To me this means they have taken no time to find out about you or justify / give value as to why I should connect with them. Obvioulsy I am aware that people may not understand how to use LinkedIn properly, but just think if you would prefer a standard text invite or personalised invitation meant only for you.

Written by: Richard Singleton

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