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LinkedIn Status Fix! Jan 2014

You may have recently seen my ‘disgruntled’ post on LinkedIn this week…

If not, (as this is the reason for my disgruntlement) here it is, along with others that share my frustration… 

I was looking to review my LinkedIn Status Updates I had posted over the last few weeks. I do this from time to time to analyse the content, impact and remind myself of the people I had engaged with, when I noticed they had disappeared!

Apart from my most recent updates I could access from my red notifications tab (next to the Inbox), I looked around and could not find the rest. Also if no-one has ‘Liked, Commented or Shared’ your updates, there are no notifications so again, you cannot view/review them.

Likewise I could not find any info from LinkedIn to explain where they where and to top it off, (major disgruntlement alert coming up), I could no longer view the updates of my Connections unless I happened to log in and view in my immediate news feed at that time. 

I ask you… “What is a Social Media site without a news/status feed to view peoples updates?
Rather defeats the point does it not?”

So I’ve had a good butchers around and finally I am pleased to say I have found a slight fix!  It’s one of those that takes a bit of finding, but once you do, you might wonder how you missed it! This allows you to view ‘your own’ updates so at least can you measure some sense of interaction.

Here’s how to view your own status updates….
  1. Log in to LinkedIn and be automatically directed to your LinkedIn Homepage…
  2. Highlighted in the red circle below is an Option called ‘ALL UPDATES’

  3. Click the Drop Down menu and select ‘YOUR UPDATES’ (as shown below).

  4. You can now view all your Status updates. At the moment I can only see for the last 28 days, so I will update shortly if this time frame is extended.

At the time of writing I am yet to locate a way of viewing a ‘Connections Updates’ and on searching the web, there is quite a storm building about this and we hope that LinkedIn recognise this soon and reinstate on Connections profiles.

Written by Richard Singleton

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