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FACEBOOK to buy WhatsApp?

FACEBOOK to buy WhatsApp?


Todays breaking news is that the Number 1 Social Media platform FACEBOOK is to buy the Mobile platform messaging service WhatsApp, in a reported $19bn (£11.3bn) deal, the social network as announced.

This news comes almost 12 months after Google were reported to be looking to buy into #WhatsApp in a reported $1 billion deal.

#WhatsApp is the mobile messaging service that allows users to send text, images, audio and videos over an internet connection (i.e. connected to Wi-Fi), to other users via a free platform and cuts out the need to use your traditional mobile carrier network. It is believed it attracts a million new users a month, has 450 million users (of which 70% access the service in a given day) and is only 4 years old.


Facebook buys WhatsApp

WhatsApp in the ITunes store


It’s being reported by The Wall Street Journal that WhatsApp will still retain its own branding and logo and continue to operate independently. As part of the re-structure, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum and co-founder will join Facebook’s board.

whY-us? recognises this as yet another major message from Facebook to reafirm its desire to take hold of the Mobile market through Social Media and now instant messaging services. In 2012 Facebook snapped up mobile Image and Video Social Network #Instagram for a reported $1 billion cash and later had an offer for #SnapChat re-buffed.

It’s reported the mobile advertising marketing space generates more than half of Facebooks advertising revenue.


Facebook is in a fierce marketplace. We now have Google+ being taken more and more seriously by social Marketers and with the added attraction of an advert free platform and related services such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Hangouts, everyday users are starting to take note and see the benefits of creating Circles.

Twitter continues to attract the masses and provide breaking news in an instant and their short  6 second Video platform Vine is proving to be huge hit with innovative creations and followers being added in their thousands every day.

Pinterest is also battling away admirally and holding it’s own with Instagram, all of which means Facebook is fighting a huge battle to continue to develop a product that keeps it’s users logging in multiple times, daily.

What are your thoughts on the merger (awaiting approval by regulatory committees)?

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Written By Richard Singleton

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