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IKEA skits Apple in new Ad – Spoof

IKEA and APPLE ad battle

Recognise this advertising format?

It’s basically IKEA taking the Mickey out of your typical Apple product launch ads; introducing the clever BOOKBOOK!

We recently stumbled across this funny video ad, created by IKEA to launch their 2015 Catalogue, which brilliantly coincides with Apples latest product launch on 9th September 2014. The Apple event is widely expected to give details about the new iPhone 6 and potentially the iWatch (or whatever name they give to the wearable tech); so why not take advantage of the media frenzy that follows these events?

To maximise their own publicity and jump on the back of the media circus created by Apple products, IKEA have launched their 2015 catalogue (BookBook) and unlike Apple products, it doesn’t need a charging cable!

Watch the funny video to see how the BOOKBOOK user benefits from:

Simple and intuitive design
No Cables, always fully charged
A clear 7.5″ x8″ – expandably to 15″ interface
Tactile Touch Technology
Touch and Drag – Right to left to move forwards, left to right to move backwards
No Lag – loads instantanioulsly
Share options – when you want!

Which companies do you remember that have run successful ads of the back of other major brands? Give us your memorable ads in the comments below.

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Written By Richard Singleton

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