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Have you seen the new Twitter yet? See it here!

Have you seen the new Twitter yet? See it here!

Here it is, the new PC version Twitter Layout!

Have you seen it on your Twitter account yet? Click the image below to view.

So what do you think?

Twitter Profile

Rounded corners & Colour Responsive toolbars

Most people will still have the (what was new) December 2013 version as shown here on the right.

That update sports the mobile App feel with rounded edges and iOS7 style colour responsive toolbar, reflective of the colours in your profile image.

But in the last few days, Twitter have been teasing users with another new look and judging by the Twitter forums it’s not going down too well! 


The February/March 2014 update looks to be forming into a Facebook feel with the large ‘Cover Image’ at the top. This looks like we are all going to have to get creative and design our new profile covers, influenced by the new larger dimensions.

New Twitter Layout 2014

New Look Twitter with large ‘Cover’ image

Along the top bar the ‘Home’, ‘@Connect’, ‘#Discover’, and ‘Me’ links remain in the same place along with the ‘Search Bar’, ‘Private Messages’, ‘Settings’ and ‘New Tweet’ options.

Further down we have the Profile image and profile details moving over to the left, with the ‘Account Summary’ along the middle of the screen. The Follow/Unfollow and added options then move over to the right.

An ititial search on the Twitter Developers blog doesn’t return favourable responses at the moment, so we want to know…

“Do you have this layout yet and if so, what’s your feedback?”  Add your comments in the chat box below.


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Written By Richard Singleton

Credit to Louis @BrighterFuture1 for the spot and alert

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