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What makes you Nervous when business networking?

BurnleyLaunchMeetingwhY-us? make no apologies for banging the beat of the Network Marketing drum!

Whilst much of todays modern marketing methods focus on Digitial (such as social media and email), it is still vitally important to manage your business relationships and opportunities at a local and personal level too.

Business Network Marketing allows you to create new opportunities and sales by developing your reputation, brand, trust and relationships with other business savvy people. This is done on a personal level, through 1:1 (or many) interactions and in a face to face environment. You’ll be amazed at the results, many could not have predicted.

Develop Yourself
Business networking also gives you time to learn a lot more about yourself, not just your business or proposition. You will improve your interaction skills, define your proposition, develop confidence, gain feedback, share ideas and promote your brand through recommendations and testimonials. People buy people, so to develop your interaction skills to build trust and rapport can mean the difference to you’re prospect signing on the dotted line.

Are you a Sales person? Are you a business owner that has to take on the mantle of Sales even though its not your ‘specialist subject’? In Sales you need to develop as many avenues of opportunity as you can (albeit in an area that you are targeting), so think about this…

I would rather have 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own.  Andrew Carnegie

In Business Network marketing take the opportunity to tell others about you and your service/product. Done well and in the correct manner, your audience will then tell their circles of influence about you, your service or your product (whilst you are elsewhere), meaning you have just employed more sales representatives for you. Done well, this can build reciprocal acts and create much more opportunity than simply sitting behind a desk and cold calling all day long.

We know for a fact that most people invited to and attending these meetings can be very nervous at first. whY-us? have our own business networking groups, so what we also see is, once you have attended a business network meeting, you feel better and realise the benefits that getting out of the office and talking to other businenss owners delivers.

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To find out how whY-us? can help you gain confidence, results, write presentations and (for existing business networkers) improve your current efforts, take a look at our Business Networking page, click here


P.S. Truthfully, what do you do with the Business Cards you collect?

Busines networking is for ALL SECTORS and INDUSTRIES.

Written By: Richard Singleton


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